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Independent Rx

Independent Rx Long Term Care is community based and is better able to respond to the needs of long
term care facilities and their residents. We pride ourselves on personalizing our care to meet each
individual resident’s needs so that the prescription part of their health care can be stress free.

Founded three generations ago, Independent Rx now operates a long term care pharmacy, a
compounding pharmacy, and a retail pharmacy in the state of Ohio.

What began as a corner drug store in 1939 as Clark’s Pharmacy, has grown into a thriving business
focused on improving the quality of life of its customers and dedicated to providing the
same personalized service that was the cornerstone of the company’s reputation 79 years ago.

Eight years ago, Clark’s Pharmacy took their same mission and formula to the Long Term Care setting to
provide pharmacy services missing in our community. Clark’s Pharmacy evolved over three generations
and now has become Independent Rx,still owned and operated by the Clark family.


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