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Long Term Care Facilities

Community Based Pharmacy

Your Partner in Healthcare

In an age of corporately owned, long term care pharmacies, Independent Rx Long Term Care has continued to succeed through its simple formula of exceeding expectations, offering a full range of healthcare products and services and developing one-on-one relationships with customers who have come to know and trust their pharmacist.

Unlike large national pharmacies, Independent Rx is community based and is better able to respond to the needs of long term care facilities and their residents. We pride ourselves on personalizing our care to meet each individual resident’s needs so the prescription part of their healthcare can be stress free!

We offer a wide variety of medication packaging options. Scroll down to see all of our options when it comes to packaging.

What we do

  • Our clinical pharmacist thoroughly reviews each resident’s medication regimen checking for drug interactions, drug-disease state interactions, and medication reduction techniques, amongst other things
  • We will contact the doctor so the patient doesn’t have to
  • Daily delivery to each facility and STAT orders as needed
  • Participation in all Medicare Part D plans
  • Provide customized reports, forms, and billing
  • Offer personalized emergency kits for after hours medication requirements
  • 24 Hour emergency service
  • Compounding services for patients requiring unique solutions
  • Cycle fill options to increase compliance
  • Cart audits to ensure you are prepared for state and regulatory visits

Why we are different

  • Local and family owned
  • Always a familiar voice answering your call without any prompts
  • Custom budget management with cost limit option
  • Regularly scheduled visits with our designated liaison to ensure a positive pharmacy experience
  • Our pharmacist comes to the facility to personally administer vaccines
  • We cater to your needs offering multiple packaging options
  • Dedicated personnel work to resolve any issues quickly and make your involvement hassle-free
  • Pharmacists and technicians have been selected because of their passion for patient care in a healthcare setting
  • Patients enjoy a birthday card from their Independent Rx family

Facility Packaging Options

Blister Packs

  • One medication per card
  • 2 card size options
  • Easy to punch medication out
  • Great visual for nurses/caretaker to see if day’s medication has been taken
  • Simple reorder sticker

Unit Dose Packaging

  • One medication per box
  • Easy to open pouches
  • Each pill individually labeled
  • Great for facility dosing
  • Simple reorder sticker

Daily Dose PAC

  • Medications packaged together by time and date
  • Packaging supplies ranging from 7 days to 30 days
  • Easy to open pouches
  • Automatic reorder
  • Each pouch labeled with medication names and pill descriptions

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